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North32Street is a company that specializes in providing discounted inventory purchases of timepieces to watch boutiques. The process for boutiques to apply for this service is likely straightforward and easy to follow.

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How and why apply?

First, the boutique would need to visit the North32Street website and navigate to the page or section that pertains to bulk purchases. Here, they would likely find information on the types of watches available for purchase, as well as the bulk pricing options. Next, the boutique would need to fill out an application form that requests basic information about the business, including contact details, financial information and the quantity of watches they wish to purchase. Once the application is submitted, the North32Street team will review the application and get back to the boutique with a response. If the application is approved, the boutique will be able to proceed with their bulk purchase at the discounted price offered by North32Street. It's worth noting that the terms and conditions of the service may vary from boutique to boutique, depending on their specific requirements and the quantity of watches they wish to purchase. In summary, North32Street's bulk purchase service allows watch boutiques to buy timepieces at discounted prices. To take advantage of this service, boutiques need to visit the company's website, fill out an application form, and wait for a response from the North32Street team.

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“ The best supplier for dealers, with the best pricing ever “

‭Blondi Gioielli‬

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