Our Story

After many years of work and improving the idea, N32S as founded in 2020, with an idea on the head, aiming to change how online luxury watch retail shops work. The opening of the online shop wasn't a great success at all, so we came up with an idea, what if before the buyer receives  the product we make sure it's an authentic item by hiring experts to do that.

Our story
Our mission

Our Mission

We are aiming to help the customer to feel secure when buying expensive items online, many watch buyers go through a what is called 'trusting process' meaning they don't feel 100% secure when buying a collectors timepiece, to do that before he gets the watch we inspect very carefully with a team of 24 people to make sure it's authentic and as described from the seller

What makes us great

Insured delivery

An insured delivery on all purchases, if the delivery fails we will reimburse you all the money back that can be activated on the checkout.


Before the seller receives the money we check the authenticity of the item, the seller receives the money until the item is at your doorstep.

Your feature

We only sell original items behind the scenes, there's a team of over 24  watch-checkers who check your watch documents and authenticity.