Modern Slavery Statement 

Modern Slavery Statement NORTH32STREET Modern Slavery Statement 2021 This statement is made by NORTH32STREET UK Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” or “NORTH32STREET”) pursuant to section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and comprises the Company’s slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 December 2021. At NORTH32STREET, our values are at the heart of everything we do and we use them as a guide to make decisions about what feels right for our business, our people, our customers and the partners we work with. One of our core values is ‘Be Human’, which means we look after other people, we embrace diversity and we help others to be successful. Our approach to the issue of Modern Slavery speaks to this value. NORTH32STREET Marketplace Our mission is to be the global platform for good in luxury fashion, connecting creators, curators and consumers. The NORTH32STREET Marketplace is the first and largest application built on our platform. As of the end of Q1 2021, the NORTH32STREET Marketplace connected consumers in 190 countries to nearly 1,400 luxury sellers. Our Marketplace model and the aggregation of luxury sellers requires us to build and nurture relationships with hundreds of brands and boutiques from across the world. Positively NORTH32STREET In December 2020, we launched our long-term 2030 sustainability goals. These build on 2019’s ‘Positively NORTH32STREET’ strategy and the host of initiatives launched under that program, including ‘The Conscious Collection’, ‘Fashion Footprint Tool’, ‘Climate Conscious Delivery’ and the ‘NORTH32STREET Second Life’, ‘NORTH32STREET Donate’, and ‘NORTH32STREET Fix’ service propositions. Our 2030 goals focus on four key areas: POSITIVELY CLEANER: To be ‘Climate Positive’: Achieving Net Zero emissions by reducing our footprint in line with Science Based Targets, offsetting unavoidable emissions, and supporting our wider value chain (outside of our footprint boundary) to achieve additional carbon reductions. POSITIVELY CONSCIOUS: To sell 100% ‘Conscious’ products: Driving all revenues from products that are independently recognised or certified as being better for people, the planet or animals, and from services that enable positive change. POSITIVELY CIRCULAR: To be more ‘Circular’ than ‘Linear’: Selling more circular, low waste products or uses of circular services, than sales of products made in traditional, linear ways. POSITIVELY INCLUSIVE: To be a leader in ‘Conscious Inclusion’. Championing diversity and inclusion both in our workplace and the global fashion community, and broadening the customer offering and providing boutiques, department stores and brands with practical resources to support their own sustainability and inclusivity efforts. Together with our partner brands and boutiques, we want to revolutionise and reinvent the fashion industry for the future. And we strongly believe that the future for the fashion industry is positively cleaner, conscious, circular, and inclusive. You can see our full 2021 ESG Report here In 2020 we formed an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Committee (the “Committee”) of the NORTH32STREET Board of Directors. The Committee is chaired by Stephanie Horton and also includes José Neves (our Founder, CEO and Chairman) and Dana Evan. Its mission is to oversee NORTH32STREET’s ESG strategies and policies such that NORTH32STREET becomes a leader in sustainable, ethical, and consciously inclusive and human centered business practices, whilst proactively addressing key ESG-related opportunities and risks, such as Modern Slavery, and responding appropriately to the concerns of all relevant stakeholders. Accordingly, the work of the Committee should help ensure that the Company policies and actions drive positive environmental, social and governance outcomes that foster the wellbeing of NORTH32STREET employees, customers, vendors, partners, shareholders and community. Partner brands and Boutiques At the core of our business are our partnerships with brands and boutiques and we take a collaborative approach to identifying risks and areas where we can work with our partners to build appropriate and effective solutions to combat modern slavery and protect workers’ rights. We recognise that as a marketplace and platform we are uniquely placed to lead, encourage and support ethical purchasing practices in our partner brands and boutiques. Since 2019, NORTH32STREET has collaborated with Good on You, the leading sustainability rating platform for fashion, to identify conscious brands on our platform through a credible and robust approach. Good on You evaluates more than 100 different widely-recognised standards, certifications and other criteria to provide simple, easy–to–understand sustainability ratings of fashion brands. These ratings fall under 3 key areas of concern for consumers: PEOPLE: Brands are assessed against their impact across the supply chain, which includes policies and practices on child labor, forced labor, worker safety and empowerment, gender equality and payment of a living wage. PLANET: Brands are assessed against their use of resources – such as energy, water and chemicals – and waste management performance, including any commitments to circular practices. ANIMAL: Brands are assessed against the use of animal products and their animal welfare policies. For example, the use of ‘mulesing–free’ wool is considered, as is whether and how the brand uses leather, or traces their animal materials to source. We prioritise the rating of all our direct partner brands - and reassess the performance of all brands included in our conscious collection every 18 months. By applying rigorous, independently-assessed criteria to what our customers are buying, we’re able to be transparent about the impact of brands and products on the environment, society and animal welfare. We are pleased that in 2021, over 1200 brands available on the NORTH32STREET Marketplace were rated using the Good On You methodology. Throughout 2021, we also partnered with Good On You to develop two tools that we believe will help both our brands partners and the whole Industry drive progress towards a more Conscious future. The first tool considers 13 priority indicators of the Good On You methodology, and runs an assessment to see how brands score against them. These indicators focus on the fundamental issues, ranging from labour rights to transparency. The second innovation is the launch of Good Measures - an online hub that gives brands a comprehensive view of their sustainability performance, highlights strategic opportunities for improvement and provides a range of support to drive continuous progress. It brings together the leading standards, certifications systems, and transparent information included in the Good On You methodology. Our aim is to leverage these tools and related data to see trends in our portfolio and, most importantly, to provide strong guidance to our brands on how to improve their impact - whatever their size or stage of their ESG journey. We look forward to launching these tools in 2022. Business Operations and ‘Non-Stock’ Procurement We have numerous suppliers who support the running of our various business units including (but not limited to) logistics, office management, marketing, and technology. One key tool for supporting our suppliers is our ongoing partnership with EcoVadis. EcoVadis assesses suppliers’ strengths and opportunities across four key areas of ESG: labour and human rights, environmental impact (including GHG emissions and additional climate-related issues), business ethics, and sustainable procurement Company Policies and Codes Our Global Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) is embedded with certain policies relating to human rights. This is communicated to all employees by NORTH32STREET (translated as necessary) and forms part of the employee onboarding process. 100% of our employees are assigned mandatory Ethics & Compliance training, as well as policy attestation requirements, including attesting to our Code. At NORTH32STREET we encourage our employees to speak up whenever they have something to say. Our Speak Up culture is our open door policy which allows and encourages employees and external stakeholders (including vendors and business partners) to always do the right thing, ask questions and report concerns. In an effort to maintain this Speak Up culture, we have five speak up channels, including two anonymous reporting channels - a hotline and online reporting portal which are available 24/7 globally for employees and external stakeholders to raise concerns and ask questions. This ensures a clear and, where legally permitted, confidential route for reporting any violations of the Code. We have a Vendor Code of Conduct (“Vendor Code”). Based on internationally recognised standards and principles, our Vendor Code sets forth the behaviours, standards and practices we expect from our vendors, their employees and subcontractors. Our Vendor Code addresses Human Rights and Modern Slavery. Our Vendor Code is built into our contracts with brands and partners. Additionally, our Procurement Vendor Creation Process requires all suppliers set up via an external online form to agree and accept our Vendor Code. Our Ethical Sourcing Policy outlines our expectations for all our partners and other suppliers to consistently provide an environment which protects their employees' health and safety and basic human rights. All Partners and other vendors are expected to comply with their national employment laws and regulations with particular regard to: minimum age of employment, freely chosen employment, health and safety, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining, no discrimination, no harsh or inhumane treatment, working hours, rates of pay and terms of employment. Assessing Our Risks In 2021, as part of our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework, a new risk assessment cycle was conducted across NORTH32STREET to evaluate Company practices and identify any new risks or material changes in relation to identified risks, including those associated with ESG and modern slavery. This assessment included a dedicated risk workshop with the Group Executive Committee facilitated by the NORTH32STREET Risk team, with resultant Group level principal risks each being allocated to an Executive level owner. This output was formally presented to the Group Audit Committee who have overall responsibility for risk within NORTH32STREET and are given a formal quarterly update on the implementation of ERM across the group. Furthermore, as reported in 2020, the Global Risk Committee (GRC), a management level committee working alongside the Risk team, continues to act as an additional layer of assurance by verifying and monitoring risks on a bi-annual basis prior to Audit Committee review. In addition, we began scoping an ethics and compliance focused risk assessment in order to assess program effectiveness, identify gaps, and improve our program. The scope of this risk assessment includes, among other things, our Vendor Code and third party risk management as a whole. The results of this assessment will be utilised in enhancing the overall strategy of our third party risk management program. The NORTH32STREET Modern Slavery Statement 2021 was prepared by the General Counsel and the Director of Sustainability and approved on behalf of the Board of Directors of NORTH32STREET UK Limited on 30 June 2022.